Downloading Video from a Dash Cam

Having a dash cam could be a real life-saver. There are people out there that have literally been saved by a dash cam from paying huge settlement sums or huge sums of money in traffic accident insurance frauds. This kind of a camera can record everything, and the person wanting to scam you would actually be proven to be the bad guy, and he’ll end up paying you. In order to clear your name, all you have to do is download the video from your dash cam, and give it to the authorities. But, some people that are not that technically savvy have wondered how it is exactly that they can do that. Well, we (with a little help from my friends at Dash Cam Buyers Guide) will explain everything here, and you just have to read.

Step 1 – Remove the SD Card

SD card is the place where all of the video footage that has been captured by the camera is being stored. All you have to do is find where it is located in the dash cam, and remove it. There certainly has to be a system for removing it, so if you’re not quite sure how to do that, it is always best to read the instructions that come with the dash cam.

Step 2 – Insert the Card Into Adapter

In order to have your card read by a computer or a laptop, you need to connect the SD card with that device, and the best course of action would be to insert it into an adapter that can then be hooked up to the computer. Most laptops have slots for these adapters, and computers usually connect to it via a cable.

Step 3 – Connect It to a Computer

As we have already mentioned, almost all laptops have their own slots in which you just insert the adapter with the SD card. If you are using a desktop computer, than you’ll have to connect the computer with the adapter via a USB cable. All in all, the process is rather simple, and all you have to do is to hook these things up.

Step 4 – Copy the Files to Computer

Then, when you’ve hooked the adapter with the SD card inside it with the computer, all you have to do is wait. The computer is going to discover that something is being hooked up to it, and it is going to start the “autorun” process. A window is going to appear before you asking you what you wish to do with this new device that has been hooked up. The best course of action would be choosing to open the folders to view the files. This will allow you to get to the video files, and then all you have to do is double-click them and enjoy watching.

Basically, copying the files from a dash cam SD card to your computer is not that difficult, and you just have to do it once in order to understand it fully. The next time you do it, you’ll be much more confident, and everything will run automatically.